Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm - Black
Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm - Black
Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm - Black
Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm - Black
Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm - Black

Cobblestone Element Mat for Feet Massage Health Care 35 x 35cm


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Description: The mat is made of special PP plastic material, high hardness and wear-resistant. Convenient to use, it can be used indoor and outdoor, not subjected to site restrictions, you can easily move it at any time. When you step on the massage pad, it will stimulate the reflex zones of the feet, promote metabolism, blood circulation, resume normal from fatigue, ease neuralgia, relieve muscle fatigue, adjust internal organs and enhance human immunity. Main Features:High-density reflex zones, stimulate the foot acupuncture points, enhance the body vitality ● Promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, ease neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue ● Enhance human immunity, improve visceral function ● High-quality special PP plastic material, durable and wear-resistant, non-toxic and harmless to body ● Easy to use, can be used indoor and outdoor Applicable People and Illness: Elderly people Generally applicable to the systemic diseases. The common diseases of the elderly just like: neurosis, kidney disease, renal dysfunction, constipation, menopausal syndrome, irregular menstruation, hypertension, hypotension, arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, brain Infarction, asthma, emphysema, hyperlipidemia, bronchitis, cervical spondylosis, stomach and duodenal diseases, the mat has better adjuvant therapy for these diseases. A person who often sits or studies Due to the specific needs of work or study, so long-term and monotonous work or study that has little activity or sports, will appear more serious mental stress, forgetfulness, ganglion weakness, lack of energy, gastrointestinal disease, arthritis, obesity, eczema, dermatitis, decreased resistance and other phenomena, through the product you can eliminate or reduce above symptoms, and if used for a long time, the effect of health care can be achieved. Attention: - People with a blood disorder should not be used during the period of bleeding. Such as: hemoptysis, cerebral hemorrhage, gastrointestinal bleeding, uterine bleeding, etc. - Women should not be used during menstruation and during pregnancy. - During tuberculosis, unstable acute myocardial infarction, severe renal failure, severe heart failure, liver necrosis, and critically patients should not be used. - Other serious diseases please consult a doctor. Method of Use: You can pull out the plastic stones after rotation, and then arrange them according to the color pattern or size you like. Please drink plenty of warm water before and after use, and the amount of water generally at the range of 250 - 500CC. Allow all kinds of impurities to be excreted in the urine. You can wear socks to reduce pain when you first start using it, and walk barefoot after some time.
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